Doing Insurance Differently

Commercial Motor Insurance

Insuret designs light commercial fleet insurance programs and operate through professional Insurance Brokers for commercial businesses with fleets from 15 to 10,000 vehicles or larger.

Insurance Brokers are under increasing pressure to deliver value to their clients in a changing, competitive environment. Brokers need to offer a stronger value proposition, providing leading cover solutions and valuable service guarantees to customers.

To ensure we can deliver on the service promises we make, Insuret has a clear focus on the industries and types of vehicles we insure. This assists us to delivery more consistency in pricing. Insuret combines our experience in managing fleet with digital technologies and platforms to enable brokers to deliver a more transparent and efficient service to customers.

By incorporating the use of digital technology & platforms as part of our claims service, we can enable your organisation to improve service delivery to your customers, by making lodging claims faster, and easier to lodge as well as reduce the lifecycle of a claim.

Let Insuret demonstrate how we can assist you to deliver better value to your customers.

The types of vehicles we cover include:

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Our Approach and What We Do

Our insurance programs are designed to provide continuity of cover by maintaining a sustainable view to premium pricing. This ensures that your business and the industry in which you operate is less exposed to large premium swings as a result of large or unexpected events. This gives you better control over your operational expenses and the pricing of your services to customers.

To help improve your bottom line and mitigate your business risk, Insuret can provide training, risk management assistance and regular claims reporting as part of our program. We can incorporate accident management processes that expedite claims lifecycles. This includes the use of digital claims technologies that can also speed the collection of information to progress claims across all incidents, large and small.
We can also assist with management of non-insured claims to deliver a full cycle claims service that allows policy holders to focus on operating their business.

We aim to develop long-term relationships with our Broker partners based on transparency, trust and accountability. Allow Insuret to assist you in gaining confidence and clarity with your fleet insurance needs.