Leading the way with digital claims management

Are you ready for the future of claims management for fleet operators?

Insuret will help you get there with a simple, fast, and compliant digital incident management solution.  We have partnered with 360Globalnet, an award-winning digital technology and services business that delivers creative products and services to the insurance and motor repair industries. Stay ahead of the rapid changes in the insurance and motor fleet industries as you:
  • transform the way you process accidents and incidents
  • improve your service delivery to customers
  • reduce costs
  • improve incident lifecycles

Grow your business and improve customer experience

Consumer-driven change
As technology rapidly advances, consumer expectations increase exponentially. The need for immediate, easily accessible mobile services is undeniable.  Digital claims management allows you to offer tech-savvy consumers a more efficient and flexible service.
Better customer experience
Provide a streamlined digital process where customers can easily report incidents using mobile devices. The self-service portal and single digital record makes it easy for you to manage an incident from start to finish and keep customers informed in a transparent and timely manner from one platform.
Robustness and scalability
Cloud-hosted technology allows access through any browser. The function-rich platform enables customers to track the progress of incidents 24/7, while you can settle claims at anytime; anywhere you have reliable internet connection.
Start with great technology
Maximise the customer experience and improve your business practices with innovative digital claims technology that can integrate seamlessly with many legacy systems.
Fast, easy set-up
Business won’t miss a beat as the technology is quick and easy to set up and learn. The entire system can be up and running in days, digitising processes along the way.
No need for IT experts
The overall digital platform is cloud-based.  Configured by insurance and claims management specialists, Insuret, the user-friendly digital solution comes out of the box with easy to manage workflows, templates and automation.  No need for IT experts on the payroll.
Transparent costs
There are no upfront set up costs, and the payment structure through your insurance program gives you full systems capacity with total transparency:  No additional payments regardless of how frequently you use the platform.
Security is a priority
All data is stored securely in an enterprise strength information security management system (ISMS) that meets the requirements of 360Globalnet’s ISO 27001 certification.
Compliance and regulatory requirements
Meet best practice in claims management using a platform that provides incident reporting, evidence gathering, workflow & supply chain management, follow up and communication capacity to all stakeholders from one environment.

Easing the burden of digital claims

Innovative digital claims management delivers a seamless and straightforward online process that assists in meeting industry best practices.
Here’s what a typical digital claim journey might look like:

Customer reports claim
To report an incident, customers can either use a QR code directly from the vehicle or you can send them a link to your incident management platform. This means the majority of customers may go digital instead of using time-consuming phone calls or cumbersome paper-based reporting.
Fast resolution
Customer incidents are settled within a fraction of the time a traditional process would take; ultimately leading to settlement for insurance claims being completed much faster.
Evidence gathering
Customers are then required to answer a series of questions specific to their incident and upload evidence to support their claim such as photos and videos. This is all easily done from their computer or mobile device, and can result in a sizable reduction in admin time.
Flawless customer experience
The refined user-experience will satisfy tech-savvy customers who prefer to stay updated online. It will also allow for efficient information-sharing via more traditional formats if required. Consequently customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention will be improved considerably.
Technology platform
Claim details and evidence are uploaded to your digital claims platform, where the system triages the evidence and makes it available to all parties 24/7. The platform also enables you to share appropriate files with Insuret or Focussed Claims Management which significantly reduces work duplication, and improves efficiency. All communications remain in the system as a central source of truth.
Going digital is easier than you think - book your free consultation to find out more.
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Going digital is easier than you think - book your free consultation to find out more.

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