Insurance Claims

Insuret provides a full cycle, in-house claims service from appointment of assessors through to finalisation and payment of claims. Insuret’s service objective is to expedite your repairs and minimise time and cost to repair. We aim to reduce off-road time of your vehicles (which is important to help minimise any income loss if you are a business owner).

We also use digital technologies to assist in claims lodgement, evidence gathering and supply chain management to further compress claims life cycles. This ensures information is collected in a timely manner and used effectively to expedite your claim to finalisation. Through the adoption of our digital technologies we are also able to provide greater transparency and visual insight into the progress of your claims.

Once all necessary information is provided to lodge your claim, Insuret will appoint an assessor. Our assessors will, in most circumstances, authorise your repairs within 24 hours.

We work closely with service providers including auction houses to ensure we maximise salvage on total loss vehicles to further minimise the cost of claims.

Insuret vigilantly pursues recoverable incidents and will supply regular claims updates and claims reporting to identify claims trends that may ultimately affect your premium.
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