Insuret Launches Digital Claims Platform

Insuret are proud to announce we have developed digital claim capability to support and enhance our customer experience.

Insuret are proud to announce we have developed digital claim capability to support and enhance our customer experience, improve internal efficiencies, control fulfilment costs and expand on our range of products.

Partnering with 360Globanet, a leading supplier of insurance focussed digital products and services, Insuret has developed a digital claims platform to enable lodgement of incident claims direct from mobile devices and other digital sources, featuring the ability for customers to upload photos, videos and all evidence related to their claims. The platform also enables automation of supply chain, helping to expedite claims and reduce duplication of processes between stakeholders.

Insuret and its associated companies are positioned to redefine our claims offering throughout 2020 and beyond. We will focus our energies initially on our core products in the rental car sector and general commercial fleet.

Car Rental

In line with fast paced technological change, the rental car industry is going through its own renaissance. This includes emerging sharing economies like peer to peer, rideshare and subscription.

Our platform with enable us to cater for this emerging market and deliver a full end to end service, including assisting with digital asset management including check in/out processes, that will enable complete transparency, a hirer’s ability to digitally notify an incident and lodge a claim and professional claims management services to final incidents.

Commercial Motor

We will link the intermediaries and their customers directly to the digital claims process. This development will enable intermediaries to expedite the evidence gathering and lodgement of a claim and enable Insuret to leverage efficiencies in our supply chain to deliver a market leading claims service for this sector.

We welcome you to make contact and discover how we can help your business.

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