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We are pleased to officially announce a significant change in the shareholding structure of Insuret.

We are pleased to officially announce a significant change in the shareholding structure of Insuret. On September 29, 2023, Envest Group, a well-respected player in the insurance investment landscape and a part of The Ardonagh Group, acquired a majority stake in the business.

Founded in 2007 by Jason McDonnell in partnership with Hollard, Insuret has evolved into a trusted authority in the insurance industry. Specialising in rental car fleet insurance and emerging"mobility fleet" markets, our services have catered to a diverse range of clients, including traditional car rental, car share, ride share, peer2peer, and subscription fleet programs. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has been unwavering.

This change in shareholding brings with it a wealth of opportunities:

1. International expansion

Insuret is now well-positioned to leverage the extensive expertise and support of Envest and its parent company, Ardonagh, to explore international markets and provide our clients with comprehensive solutions on a global scale.

2. Continued partnership

We are delighted to affirm that our long-standing partnership with Holland remains intact. Hollard will continue to serve as our trusted underwriter, ensuring the stability and reliability that you've come to associate with Insuret.

3. Unchanged leadership

Our leadership team, including Jason McDonnell, will continue in their current roles at Insuret and FCM. Their experience and dedication will remain instrumental in our journey forward.

We believe that this change is a testament to our commitment to growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. We are excited about the future and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Stay connected with us, follow our journey, and be a part of this extraordinary chapter in the Insuret story. We’re here to serve you better, to protect your interests, and to ensure your peace of mind in an ever-changing world. 

Thank you for your trust and continued support. Together, we're building a brighter future.

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