Revolutionising Claims Processes for Car Rental

Covid-19 has rapidly transformed the way insurance industry across Australia need to adopt and change business processes to meet our changing environment.

Covid-19 has rapidly transformed the way business across Australia need to adopt and change business processes to meet our changing environment.

As a specialist insurer and claims manager to the car rental industry, we foresee the need for our customers to improve the delivery of the way they manage incidents with their rental customers. Not only to provide better transparency and efficiency, but to also exchange information in ways that enables a contactless environment.

Following on from a successful trial, Insuret will be continuing their partnership with 360globalnet, a digital claims platform specialist, to deliver a digital claims product to the car rental industry.

We would like to announce our launch of a full end to end digital claims management platform for the car rental industry. The platform provides unprecedented ability to use digital means to collect information and evidence from renters when they have an incident to expedite the sharing of information and repair processes. We also provide the capacity to automate key decisions and workflows to reduce duplication of processes, which equates to efficiency gains and better transparency for all parties.

The platform includes capacity to digitally collect incident information for both insured and non- insured losses. This enables our customers to self-manage wear and tear losses and send new claims to Insuret with the following benefits:

· Totally paperless environment for claims lodgement

· Totally contactless environment to reduce unnecessary face to face interactions and illness

· Faster more efficient way for you and your customers to complete and share information

· Capacity to upload photos, video and other evidence to support a claim

· Additional transparency around claims communications

· Ability to share requests and information throughout the life of the claim.

We look forward to helping our car rental customers to deliver a better customer experience and a more efficient way to manage losses.

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