Rising accident frequency and severity

How the surge in road accidents & the costly reality of high-tech vehicle repairs is impacting fleet owners. Contact us to future-proof your fleet insurance

Rising accident trends and surging costs

There is a concerning trend surfacing on our roads: An increase in road accidents and fatalities that is challenging both individuals and industries alike. This uptick in accident frequency and severity, compounded by the rapid technological advancements in vehicles, paints a complex picture for the future of automotive safety and insurance.

The shift in road safety dynamics

Drivers appear to have formed some bad habits, which are leading to a noticeable increase in both the frequency and severity of road accidents. The statistics from these trends are more than just numbers; they represent lives, families and businesses impacted by a moment's distraction or miscalculation.

The double-edged sword of technological advancements

Today's vehicles are marvels of technology, equipped with features designed to improve safety, comfort, and efficiency. However, these advancements come with their own set of challenges. High-tech components are expensive to repair or replace, contributing to elevated accident expenses. From smart sensors to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), the cost of keeping a vehicle running after an incident has surged, reflecting directly on claim costs.

Implications for insurance

For the insurance industry, and particularly for those of us specialising in fleet vehicle insurance, these trends necessitate a recalibration of how risks are assessed, and premiums are determined. Higher claim costs affect the bottom line and prompt a deeper examination of policy structures and coverage options. It's a delicate balance, ensuring that policyholders are adequately protected while also addressing the realities of rising expenses.

Finding solutions to help protect fleet owners

At Insuret, we're watching these trends and actively engaging with them to find solutions that protect our clients and their interests. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Enhanced risk assessment: Leveraging data analytics and telematics to gain a deeper understanding of driving behaviours and accident risks, tailoring insurance products accordingly.

  • A focus on safety: We’re collaborating with clients to integrate advanced safety features and driver training programs, aiming to reduce accident frequency and severity.

  • Flexible coverage options: Recognising the increased costs associated with technological advancements in vehicles, we're working to offer flexible and comprehensive coverage options that reflect the needs of today's fleet operators.

  • Transparent communication: Keeping our clients informed about the landscape and how it affects their insurance, fostering a partnership approach to risk management.

Steering towards solutions

Insuret places innovation, safety, and cost-efficiency at the forefront of our strategy. As a dedicated partner to fleet businesses, we recognise the undeniable need to ensure that our policyholders are well-prepared for these rising trends and costs. We’re doing this by providing:

  • Tailored risk management: By leveraging advanced analytics and embracing the latest technology, we aim to understand risk better so we can offer tailored advice and solutions that keep our clients one step ahead.

  • Cost-effective solutions: Recognising the financial pressures of surging claim costs, we're innovating within our product lineup to introduce solutions that ease these expenses without compromising on coverage. From flexible deductibles to customised coverage options, our focus is on delivering value that aligns with the needs of modern fleet businesses.

More than just insurance

Insuret is committed to staying well informed about what’s happening on the roads so we can work to bring our policyholders the most up-to-date and comprehensive insurance solutions and advice.  

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